Removal of perspiratory glands

An effective way to counter bothersome sweating

10 percent of the German population suffers from excess sweating – also called hyperhidrosis. A body suffering from hyperhidrosis produces excessive and uncontrollable amounts of sweat, regardless of the actual temperature. The parts of the body most affected are the armpits. Constantly reappearing patches of sweat on the clothing or unpleasant body odor are a source of bother for many people affected. Many patients are ashamed of their excessive sweating, which inhibits them in their everyday lives. Suffering from hyperhidrosis means less quality of life for many people affected. The removal of perspiratory glands in the armpits with suction curettage is a common method in plastic-aesthetic surgery to counter hyperhidrosis. It can result in a significant long-term reduction of sweat production. The operation can be conducted using a local anesthetic (tumescence technique), in a twilight sleep or, if the patient so wishes, under a general anesthetic. We will gladly inform you about the procedural details of the treatment in personal consultation with you at the Augusta Beauty Clinic.

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