Liposuction combats adamant fat pads

The female body is often susceptible to adamant fat pads that cannot be eliminated with dietary measures or sport. These areas of the body affect the complete outer appearance, especially if certain regions, such as the waist or the buttocks, do not harmonize with the rest of the body. Liposuction is an excellent possibility to remove excess fat and to bring back in line physical proportions (body contouring). Normally, liposuction is applied to treat diet-resistant accumulations of fat for people of normal weight. In exceptions, however, it is used to treat certain forms of obesity, especially if certain areas do not accord with the harmony of the body dimensions. Liposuction is not an appropriate measure to reduce weight, however, because the amount of fat removed amounts to only a small proportion of the whole body weight. Due to recent technological advances and procedural improvements liposuction is highly reliable, consistent and gentle to the tissue. In our clinic we exclusively use state-of-the-art techniques in liposuction. We will gladly explain to you the exact procedural details in personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic. We will also have the opportunity to talk about your personal questions and needs regarding the treatment.

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