Abdominal wall lift (abdominoplasty)

Make your waist slim and firm

After pregnancy or due to significant loss of weight some parts of the body feature excess amounts of skin and tissue of fat because the skin has been overstretched. This excess skin and fat in the region of the lower abdomen cannot be got rid of naturally with disciplined dietary measures or sport. As a consequence, the abdomen is arched outward, even if a sufficient amount of abdominal fat has been removed. This can be an enormous burden for women affected. They feel uneasy going swimming, think twice about a visit to the sauna or even feel inhibited when revealing themselves in front of their relationship partners. An abdominal wall lift is one of the most common procedures in plastic-aesthetic surgery. It helps to restore a woman`s positive feeling about her body and quality of life in general. The procedure makes the abdominal region slim and firm and emphasizes the waistline. In exceptional circumstances an abdominal lift can be combined with liposuction in order to optimize the final outcome. Minor amounts of excess skin can be sufficiently removed with a spindle-shaped skin removal in the lower abdomen (“minor” abdominoplasty) without repositioning the navel. Which method of treatment is best for you we will discuss extensively in personal consultation with our specialist physicians at the Augusta Beauty Clinic.

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