Second opinion 

Trust is good – control is better. A second opinion guarantees a higher level of safety.

Major operations in the field of plastic-aesthetic treatment can be an important step to take in your life. Of course, desire for greatest possible safety and a sense of purpose are only natural. In principle, one should inform oneself about all aspects of the treatment prior to the procedure. Searching the internet can be a good introduction but can be confusing at times, because ordinary people do not always understand the medical jargon.

A good and respectable specialist will consult you thoroughly and answer all your questions. If you would rather not rely on the opinion of a single individual, we advise you to obtain a second opinion.

The specialist physicians at the Augusta Beauty Clinic will gladly help you out. Prior to externally conducted treatment, we can provide you with discrete and sound advice. We will objectively assess whether the suggested method is appropriate to achieve the best possible result for you. This also is the case for aesthetic treatment which has already been completed.

As this is a service of qualitative specialist consultation, we bill this private medical consultation according to the fee scale of the German medical profession (GOÄ). You can, of course, inquire about the costs of such a consultation in advance. Should you decide to take advantage of treatment at the Augusta Beauty Clinic, this fee will, of course, be settled with the overall treatment costs.


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