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What does aesthetical treatment cost?

The costs of a treatment can only be determined after comprehensive consultation. In personal consultation we model the treatment according to your needs and wishes and test the indication. As every human being is different it is impossible to standardize treatment costs. After consultation, we will present you with a detailed cost estimate, including all individual components.

Do medical insurances cover aesthetic treatments?

Insurances only cover operations that are a medical necessity. The extent to which the insurance institution is prepared to cover the costs has to be determined beforehand. In general, surgery conducted for purely aesthetic reasons has to be paid for privately.

The Augusta Beauty Clinic is a private clinic, which is why we do not accept services of public health insurance institutions. All treatments, however, can be easily and conveniently financed in co-operation with our financial partner medipay.

Do I have to stay in the clinic after treatment?

Whether it is necessary for you to remain in the clinic depends on the extent of the treatment. After certain kinds of treatment you may be able to leave the clinic immediately. With other types of treatment it will be necessary for you to remain in in-patient care for one or two days, or even longer. We determine the length of in-patient care that is necessary individually in personal pre-treatment consultation.

How do I best prepare myself for aesthetic treatment?

Smokers are advised to reduce their nicotine consumption to a minimum four weeks before the scheduled treatment, because nicotine reduces the blood supply, which can hinder wound healing. After consulting their General Practitioner and the surgeon responsible for the operation, it may also be advisable for patients to stop taking blood thinning medicaments. In general, a complete and balanced nutrition is also helpful for the body to optimally prepare for the treatment.

What are the risks of aesthetic treatment?

In principal, every operation has its risks – so do aesthetic operations. General complications such as bleedings, impaired wound healing, swellings, infections etc. can occur. Furthermore, certain kinds of treatment involve special risks. However, all kinds of risks are discussed in detail and explained and made clear to you in extensive personal consultation.

Comprehensive clarification, careful treatment as well as encompassing after-care can reduce the risk of complications to a minimum. Moreover, our medical specialists` long-standing experience contributes to making your treatment as safe as possible.

Does treatment require a general anesthetic?

Different forms of treatment require different types of anesthetics. Depending on the type of treatment, the surgery is conducted using a general anesthetic, a local anesthetic, or in analgosedation, a condition in which the patient is in a twilight sleep. Furthermore, we offer approaches that merely require cooling the affected area of the body. Prior to the operation we will consult you thoroughly about which type of anesthetic is best for your individual treatment.

How do I find a qualified plastic surgeon?

“Aesthetic surgeon“ or “plastic surgeon“ are not legally protected job designations. Specialists, however, bear the designation “specialist for surgery and/or plastic surgery“ or have a specialist doctor’s title with the additional designation “plastic operations”. In addition, membership of a renowned aesthetic-surgical association indicates that the doctor is an experienced specialist. All physicians at the Augusta Beauty Clinic are qualified specialists with long-standing experience who have successfully completed extensive further training.

I am a smoker. Is that a problem for certain kinds of treatment?

Smoking narrows the blood vessels and hampers blood circulation. To heal, however, the tissue requires oxygen which is transported in the blood. Consequently, smoking inhibits wound repair after surgery. Furthermore, because the wound does not heal as well with smokers, the risk of infection is higher. As a rule, it is recommended that smokers reduce their tobacco consumption, or quit smoking altogether, four weeks before the surgical treatment is scheduled. Your treating physician will inform you about the risks in a consultation meeting.

How long will it take until I have recovered from plastic surgery?

How long it takes to recover depends on the type of treatment. After minor surgery you will be able to leave the clinic immediately. In other cases it is necessary, or at least recommended, for patients to remain in in-patient care. Furthermore, the length of time until you can take up sporting activity after an operation varies according to the type of treatment. What is to be expected in your individual case will be clarified in personal consultation with your treating specialist. 

How safe is the treatment?

All treating doctors at the Augusta Beauty Clinic are specialists with long-standing experience, in-depth medical education as well as further training. This makes them experts in the field of plastic surgery. In our clinic we only use safe and tested techniques and are equipped with the most up-to-date medical devices.

Is plastic surgery painful?

When preparing your treatment, we choose the type of anesthetic according to your requirements. This takes into account your subjective level of pain tolerance. We offer the whole portfolio of anesthetics, all the way from local to general anesthetics. That is why we can make treatment as free of pain for you as possible.

Which doctors treat?

You will be treated only by specialist physicians with long-standing experience in plastic surgery. All are highly qualified and have successfully completed extensive further training.


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