Lip modeling

Contoured and voluminous lips for a sensual appearance

Well-shaped and voluminous lips are a symbol of beauty and sensuality. With increasing age the lips can lose their volume. In addition, sun rays, smoking and other external factors can accelerate this process. The tissue sags and the lips get narrower. However, lack of volume or narrowness of the lips can also be the result of hereditary factors. As the mouth is, in addition to the eyes, the most important part of the face in determining our facial expressions, this can convey the unintentional impression that the whole expression of the face is strict or sad. In this case lip modeling can help the affected because it improves the contours of the lips and enhances their volume. This is achieved by injecting hyaluronic gel. Augmentation of the lips is a non-surgical form of treatment. It is conducted in outpatient treatment using an anesthetic ointment. In modeling the lips it is our objective to emphasize the natural outer appearance and make it even more sensual. In personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will gladly inform you about the details of lip modeling in Mannheim and answer all your questions.

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