Chin correction

A receding or protruding chin may have significant effects on people’s self-confidence – this is not surprising, as the face is important for the impression a person makes in a new social or professional situation.

Deformations of the face particularly disturb men, as clear-cut features are important for a striking male appearance. Chin corrections may be necessary due to inborn facial asymmetry or to accidents. Operation forms vary: a chin reduction or removal of a double chin is conducted with liposuction, mostly under the influence of a local anesthetic. Major treatments, however, are conducted with a general anesthetic. In comprehensive consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will answer all your questions. In individual cases it may be necessary to discuss whether the wrong position of teeth is a cause of the problem. Chin corrections aim to restore the facial proportions according to the patient’s wishes in the gentlest way possible.

Our specialist physicians will gladly discuss suitable treatment methods with you at the Augusta Beauty Clinic.


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