Wrinkle therapy in Mannheim

Those who feel young should also look young. Wrinkle therapy can help.

The elasticity of our skin decreases with time and the signs of age show more and more. Increasingly deeper wrinkles between the nose and cheeks (nasobial wrinkles) or crow’s feet are the result of our everyday facial expressions. The effect promised by anti-aging creams in countering expression lines or sagging skin is limited. This is why many women are dissatisfied. They feel young and dynamic and wish to convey this through their outer appearance.

Various kinds of wrinkle therapy are available to harmonize inner feelings with one’s outer appearance. Botulinum toxin, for example, is often used to treat expression wrinkles in the upper third of the face. However, botox treatment can also be applied to other regions of the body. It is an outstanding way to counteract excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and feet (hyperhydrosis). Dermal fillers are another option with broad application possibilities. They are available in various levels of density and are used to treat superficial wrinkles, such as glabella lines, nasobial wrinkles, marrionette and mouth wrinkles, and even to shape narrow lips. In its especially dense form, hyaluronic gel is suitable for facial modelling. In some cases, however, a conservative approach to treating wrinkles is not sufficient. In this case a microdermabrasio may be helpful. In a personal consultation with our specialist physicians at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will tailor a course of treatment that conforms to your personal wishes and needs.

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