Face lift (Rhytidektomie)

Look younger and more attractive  

In our daily lives our skin is subjected to many external influences and strain. Stress, sun radiation and the natural aging process make the skin lose its firmness. Wrinkles develop, which can be felt as especially bothering in the facial area. However, you need not have to live with these changes, because new and gentle techniques enable us to make you look younger and more attractive. The aim of making the skin firmer is to maintain a natural facial expression. For this we make use of state-of-the-art techniques in the field of face lifting. The procedure can be done in a twilight sleep or with a local or general anesthetic. We aim to make your face look relaxed and natural without showing the signs of an operation. We will care for your needs and answer all your questions about face lifting in Mannheim in personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic.

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