Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

Convey health and vitality on first sight

Radiant eyes are an attractive feature of men and convey vitality. Over the course of timehowever, the tissue around the eyes loses its firmness. This may be due to external influences, such as stress or UV radiation which can lead to the development of excess skin, slack eyelids and tear sacks (blepharochalasis). Lidplasty can help counteract the impression of illness created by tired eyes which does not necessarily reflect reality. Lidplasty can help. When lifting the upper and lower eyelids, excess skin is removed and, if necessary, fatty tissue, as well.

Lidplasty is an effective measure to make the eyes appear more open and radiant. An eyelid lift will have a positive effect on the appearance of your whole face. The procedure is mostly conducted using a local anesthesia. However, if the patient wishes it can also be done with a general anesthetic or in a twilight sleep. We will gladly answer all further questions in personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic.


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