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The chest is a very important feature of the male physiology. A strong chest is a crucial feature of masculine beauty. It is not a coincidence that the saying “to puff out one’s chest” is associated with self-confidence. A muscular and well-shaped male chest makes men significantly more attractive. However, oversized breasts (gynaecomastia) are particularly bothersome. They are the result of an enlarged mammary gland in combination with a surrounding increase of fat. If the condition is limited to an increase of fat, it is called pseudo-gynaecomastia. Even the most disciplined training schedules and dietary measures are not sufficient to counter this. For many men gynaecomastia poses an extreme burden, especially in their free time activities. Liposuction in combination with the removal of the enlarged mammary gland (subcutaneous mastectomy) can help. It restores the harmonious proportions of the chest. However, many men who are affected feel embarrassed about their condition. At the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will gladly advise you in personal consultation about possible treatment methods – man to man.


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