Thigh lift

Firmer and more nicely shaped thighs

With increasing age the elasticity of our skin steadily declines. External influences or hereditary factors may amplify this effect. Often significant loss of weight causes the soft tissue of the thighs to sag. Especially on the inner thighs excess skin and subcutaneous tissue remain. Due to the lack of elasticity, the skin does not regress. Neither cosmetics, nor sporting activity can reverse this effect. Plastic-aesthetic surgery, however, can help. In a thigh lift the excess skin and tissue of fat is removed. The remaining areas are lifted and reshaped. Most often, a thigh lift is done on the inner thighs. Occasionally, it is necessary to conduct lifts on the outer thigh or buttocks in combination with liposuction in order to obtain a satisfactory result. In comprehensive personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will discuss in detail what type of treatment is best for you so that the final outcome is satisfactory and natural.

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