medassure – follow-up cost insurance

Cosmetic operations conducted by an experienced specialist in plastic surgery are a relatively low-risk procedure. However, one can never completely rule out the possibility that complications may occur in surgical treatment, no matter how unlikely this may be or how carefully the procedure is conducted. The follow-up costs of an operation are not included in the services of the statutory health insurance companies. They have to be paid for privately.

medassure insurance protection covers this financial risk factor.

medassure is a new insurance service covering possible follow-up costs that may occur as a result of complications following a medically non-indexed aesthetic or plastic operation


  • medassure closes a legal insurance loophole that has existed since April 1st 2007 (§ 52 Abs. 2 SGB V Health Reform Bill) for people insured in statutory health insurance and partially for the privately insured.
  • The low-cost insurance premium (a one-time fee of EUR 120, depending on the planned number of treatments and the type of health insurance) provides a sufficient coverage sum of EUR 250.000 per operation covered and relieves you of possible concerns regarding your future financial situation.
  • You can easily apply for insurance coverage online at The process is quick and uncomplicated. Coverage lasts for 365 days after the operation and expires automatically.
  • Should your health insurance company demand repayment for necessary follow-up treatment after a cosmetic operation, medassure will bear 50% of the total cost (because the national associations of German health insurance institutions have demanded a maximum patient contribution of 50% of the treatment costs and additional expenses).
  • All participating specialist physicians are members in accredited professional societies and doctors’ unions.  Because we work together with doctors’ unions you can be assured that all our surgeons are qualified, offering you additional safety.
  • Even capsular fibrosis is covered in the 365-day period of insurance coverage after the operation. With our one-time additional insurance for capsular fibrosis you can extend this period by two years.
  • With our private clearance clause the patient/physician has the possibility of clearing treatment costs of up to EUR 5.000 for ensuing complications that go beyond the agreed treatment contract. In this case, medassure will cover the costs, if the responsible statutory health insurance institution refuses to do so, or, if you are a physician, you do not have health insurance authorization.  In particular, this service specifically covers inhibited wound healing, post-operative bleeding and fat necrosis that is not disposed of in regular post-treatment.

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