Stress-induced incontinence

Spontaneously losing urine during physical activity (walking, jogging, cycling), or even when coughing or laughing, is both common and normal. However, it is also so inconvenient and embarrassing, that many women do not willingly talk about it, even with their gynaecologist. A frequent consequence is a tendency to withdraw from an active social life and live in isolation.

Extreme short-term strain of the pelvis floor causes urinary incontinence. This strain can be the result of vaginal child birth or long-term overstress of the muscles in the pelvic floor due to pregnancy or hard physical labour. Ageing can also have similar effects.

We believe that urinal incontinence is also part of effective vaginal rejuvenation. Stress-induced urinal incontinence can be treated with special stitches under the neck of the bladder at the same time as rejuvenating the frontal vaginal walls. A post-operative survey of patients shows that, for many, vaginal rejuvenation by laser surgery stopped involuntary urinal loss completely. Others reported significant improvements.

The use of laser technology enables precise incisions reduces bleeding during the operationand leads to very good results

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