Labia minora reduction by laser

The anatomy of the female genitalia resembles a shell. The large, outer labia completely cover the inner, smaller labia and close off the vagina’s entrance to protect it from foreign particles, bacteria and from drying up.

There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ human body. The shape of a womans’ genitalia differs widely from person to person.

According to the popular contemporary definition of beauty, the inner labia protrude in front of the outer labia and are clearly visible.

However, this means that the vagina is not fully protected. Secondly, many women feel inhibited about their appearance, which is why they prefer not to wear tight clothing, go swimming or visit saunas.

Feelings of embarrassment about their body may also place a severe strain on the sex life in a relationship. Large outer as well as inner labia can cause functional disruptions that can make bike riding, jogging, riding as well as sexual intercourse very painful. These naturally occurring variants as well as changes resulting from child birth, hormonal influences, tissue weakness or ageing can be rectified by reduction of the labia. Conducted by an experienced specialist, labia minora reduction is a relatively low-risk procedure.

In pre-operative consultation we will jointly determine how much tissue you wish to have removed to create the body shape you desire.



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