G-Spot enlargement

The G-Spot is named after the German gynecologist Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, who first provided a scientific description of this area in the vagina in 1950. Up to 8.000 sensitive nerve fibres end in this area, which reacts strongly to sexual stimulation.

The G-Spot is situated on the vaginal wall underneath the urethral opening and is the size of a Euro coin. In a non-stimulated condition this spot is difficult to find. Its existence, however, is undoubted. It is easiest to detect after a female orgasm.

The purpose of enlarging the G-Spot is to expand the volume of the spot which enhances friction during intercourse and thus increases sexual stimulation and the ability to orgasm.

According to Dr. David Matlock, the developer of G-SHOT®, the G-Spot is enlarged and carefully arched outwards with a collagen injection. The G-Spot enlargement is not a surgical procedure. It is done in an out-patient gynecological examination. It is a safe, quick, pain-free and efficient procedure that takes approximately 10 minutes.

Clinical studies controlled by the FDA have shown that the collagen used in a G-Spot enlargement/G-Shot® neither triggers allergic reactions, nor entails any kind of complications.

Each woman`s G-Spot is sensitive to a varying degree. 87% of women who have received a G-Shot® confirm that their sexual stimulation during intercourse is enhanced and that they experience more and longer orgasms. With the help of the G-Shot® many women learn about the existence of the G-Spot and get a feel for its position. The effects of the G-Spot intensification in Mannheim last approximately 4 – 6 months due to the collagen’s slow degradation span. Subsequently, the G-Spot recedes back to its original state.

Anesthesia: minor local anesthesia

Duration of stay in the clinic: outpatient care

After the procedure: first sexual intercourse after 3 hours

Treatment costs:
Costs can vary slightly because the effort of the treatment depends on individual findings. In your first personal consultation appointment we will provide you with a cost estimate that is tailored exactly to the method of treatment necessary for you.

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