Hair surgery

How to counter long-term hair loss

Beautiful hair is one the most important factors in determining a man’s overall appearance. It is a symbol of health, strength and youthfulness. Bald patches or light areas following loss of hair can easily result in a loss of self-confidence for men and mean a great psychological burden. With most men loss of hair is the result of hormonal factors. In some cases externally applied shampoos, tinctures and medicaments can counter hair loss. After one has stopped taking the supplements, however, hair loss usually continues as before.

Hair transplantation is the perfect solution for treating light hair growth, or receding hairlines as well as: bald patches that result of from injuries; scars that are left after operations; and areas of skin on which hair does not grow naturally anymore. In recent years the technology of hair transplantation has been further developed and refined. As a result it is almost impossible to distinguish between normally grown and transplanted hair.

The procedure is conducted in outpatient care with a local anesthetic and requires only a few hours. The doctors take into account the angle and direction of hair growth to guarantee a perfectly natural-looking result. After a hair transplant the patient is usually free to pursue everyday activities as he wishes. As with any treatment in plastic surgery, certain restrictions have to be taken into account during the first few days after the operation.

You should protect yourself from direct sun for example. You can expect to see the first results of the hair transplant about 6 to 8 months after the procedure. Prior to the hair transplantation we will assess your individual situation and evaluate whether it is possible or not to conduct a transplantation of hair.

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