Temple lift

Freshness for the face

The forehead, temple and eyebrows express to a large part how men feel. Whether we feel stressed, surprised, happy or troubled, the upper third of our face is constantly in motion. In the course of our lives, however, horizontal wrinkles or even a vertical frown line in between the eyebrows develop. This can convey a false impression. At work or in their private life, relaxed looking men go down well. The good news is that to treat these features, we can rely on dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. In the case of treatment-resistant features or sagged eyebrows surgical treatment may be necessary. Using an entry on the hairy part of the scalp the area of the temple is made firmer and excess skin removed. The result is a fresher and more relaxed-looking facial expression. To determine your wishes exactly and to understand your idea of the ideal outcome, we will discuss all relevant aspects of the treatment in a personal consultation prior to the treatment. We will inform you comprehensively about the procedure and take our time to answer all your questions.


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