Correction of the nose (rhinoplasty)

Nose and face in harmony

The nose is at the center of our face and, thus, significantly determines our outer appearance. When the proportions of the nose are not in harmony with the rest of the face this is a source of bother for many people affected. However, modern aesthetic-plastic surgery is capable of changing the appearance with individual treatment. A nose’s size, shape, height, length and width can be corrected. The width of wide nasal wings can be reduced and the tip reshaped. Furthermore, nasal correction can improve breathing through the nose, if this was previously inhibited. Rhinoplasty is an aesthetically demanding procedure and should be done by an experienced specialist. Nose corrections are mostly conducted using a general anesthetic. Minor corrections of the tip of the nose, however, can also be done with a local anesthetic. In personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will develop and thoroughly discuss with you an individual concept of treatment according to you and your personal requirements.

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