Implant exchange in Mannheim

Nicely shaped breasts with modern implants

Like every material even high-quality medical silicone is subject to certain aging processes. Especially the casing of older implants may show the signs of time. Because the filling of these implants once consisted of liquid silicone, an exchange of implants is necessary after 8-10 years to avoid leakage of the liquid matter into the breast tissue. In addition to the desire for another shape or a larger volume of the breasts, painful capsular fibrosis can make an exchange of implants necessary. As modern cohesive and, thus, non-leaking Inlays are available nowadays, the durability of silicone implants has drastically improved. In an implant exchange the old or defect implant is removed, in addition to the capsule, of which a removal is sometime necessary, and replaced with a new and high-quality implant. In our clinic we exclusively use implants of the company ALLERGAN, which conform to the highest quality standards and are licensed by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration – USA). Thus, you do not have to compromise with regard to the quality and safety of your silicone implants. In personal consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will thoroughly discuss the procedure and possibilities of an inlay exchange.

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