Breast enlargement (mammary augmentation plasty)

Breast enlargement for more voluminous and attractive breasts and a nice-looking décolleté

A woman’s breasts are one of the most important and striking attributes of her overall female appearance. Thus, many women wish to have a good-looking bosom. However, only few women are happy with their breasts and décolleté. Pregnancy, weight loss and even natural predisposition are reasons why the shape and size of breasts are not as desired. For many women this is a great burden. Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures in the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery. It can contribute towards enhancing a woman’s personal well-being and feeling happy with her own body. We only use breast implants of the highest quality in breast augmentation treatment. To match your personal idea of good-looking breasts, we use textured round or anatomic inlays. So you can get a feel for what the final result would look like, we use a special kind of pad, which gives you an excellent impression prior to the operation of the shape and size of your future breasts. Thus, you can assure yourself in the mirror of your future breasts’ look and feel.

In confidential consultation at the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will determine the size and shape of your future breasts as well as the point of entry and the location of the silicone implant in the tissue.

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