Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Makes the breasts firm and well-shaped

For a woman’s overall appearance the breasts are important. A well-shaped bosom is one of the most crucial features of female beauty. Many women suffer because, as time passes, the shape and firmness of their bosom decreases and the breasts tend to lose symmetry. Inferior connective tissue following pregnancy, significant loss of weight, or simply the natural skin aging process, for example, cause the breasts to lose their original look and feel. These changes can be perceived as burdensome and displeasing. The breast lift (mastopexy) is a quick and effective measure in plastic surgery to restore the shape of breasts. Usually, in a breast lift the areola is placed properly and the position of the mammary gland is raised. This procedure simulates an “inner bra” and is supported by additional skin lifting. The result is an optimized and well-proportioned breast shape. At the Augusta Beauty Clinic we will gladly advise you in a personal consultative session about possible treatment methods to suit your needs and wishes.


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